Industry dynamics

                      Industry dynamics

                      Iron and steel price is not the problem of demand, but the Kingdom


                      Influenced by the weakness of futures, the early quotation of foreign mines fell 10-20 yuan/ton yesterday, with a light turnover and a price drop of about 15 yuan/ton. PB powder in Shandong Province was 710 yuan/ton. Although there is a shortage of cash in mainstream ports and steel mills have no obvious action to limit production in the near future, due to the increase of supply-side data and the large-scale production speculation of steel mills in September, the ore price is still on the rise. Continue downward. Local downward trend in the domestic mining market, ten-year price of steel enterprises in Northeast China dropped by 60 yuan/ton, the market has no inquiry for the time being, mineral processing enterprises do not offer for the time being, some small enterprises maintain low-price delivery, market prices are chaotic, low-price about 650 yuan/ton. The inquiries of downstream steel enterprises in Tangshan area are still acceptable. Some steel enterprises have raised 10-20 yuan/ton, improved short-term turnover and stable market prices. The prospective mines continue to be weak, the day-line short trend continues, the 2H line MACD dead fork descends, and the probability of falling from the wave structure is 5 waves. The prospective mines have broken through the new low, and the short-term prices are weak, but the downward space is narrowed. It is suggested to wait and see.

                      Forecast: Steel market is weak, market mentality is pessimistic and confused, short-term ore prices or difficult to stop falling.

                      Iron and steel scrap

                      Rises and falls coincide

                      Today, the domestic scrap steel market has seen both ups and downs, with price fluctuations ranging from 10 to 50 yuan per ton. According to Zhuo Chuang, the purchase price of scrap steel in East China Branch Steel Works has risen slightly, driving up the price of scrap steel in local and surrounding markets. However, the purchase price of some electric furnace enterprises has fallen slightly, which is mainly suppressed by cost.

                      Forecast: The domestic scrap iron and steel market will continue to be stable tomorrow.



                      Today, the spot coke market is deadlocked and trading is normal. Production restrictions in major production areas are still gradually recovering. Restoration process in some areas is slow. Coke enterprises have a high desire for stable price operation as a whole and maintain low inventory operation. The situation of BF production restriction in Hebei Steel Works has been alleviated, but the overall procurement is still cautious and the stock is temporarily stable. Port inventory continues to be digested, and port TRADERS'supply prices have not fluctuated, but demand is poor and overall delivery is flat.

                      pig iron

                      The pig iron market is running steadily and weakly. Low-level resources have been located near the profit line, and the market price is in a dilemma. Pig iron high resources are now forced to follow the downturn, the market mentality is slightly pessimistic, lack of confidence in the future market. At present, the finished product market is weak. It is difficult to deal with ironmaking resources for the first time. However, the market price also has a bottom support under the situation of low ironmaking inventory. The price of iron powder in Northeast China has fallen obviously at present, the cost support has weakened, and the pig iron resources have been operated to compensate for the drop in recent years.

                      Forecast: Pig iron market or mainstream will remain stable tomorrow, and individual markets will make up for declines.


                      Up to 16:00, Tangshan billet is temporarily stable. It is now 3420 yuan/ton with tax. Tangshan billet has a weak direct hair volume and is difficult to increase its price. Stock of billet is 3480-3500 yuan/ton, low-level transaction is completed, downstream delivery of finished products is weak, narrow-band reduction of 10 yuan/ton is general, profile reduction of 20-40 yuan/ton is still weak, and Futures are running at a low level throughout the day. In the afternoon, the spot stock of billet is 3470 yuan/ton, which is 10 yuan/ton lower than the low level before noon.

                      Forecast: In the short term, the market demand is weak, the supply is not decreasing, and the pressure of billet is decreasing.

                      Finished products

                      structural steel


                      Today, the price of construction steel market is mainly weak. Of the 48 mainstream cities of construction steel in China, 0 are rising, 4 are stable and 44 are falling. The leading cities are Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan and Guangzhou, which are down 20-60 yuan/ton. Seventeen leading steelmakers adjusted their ex-factory prices, and the mainstream dropped steadily by 20-150 yuan/ton. Tangshan billet is temporarily stable. In terms of trading, today's overall trading weakened, futures decline led to weak market mentality, wait-and-see. In futures, the rebound of the bottom of the current period recovered the 10-day average again, Yongan low significantly reduced short-term holdings, short-term market or maintain a weak volatility, the upper pressure level near 3740 points.

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